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The Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter # 105

Details for Funeral of Patty Kirk Hefferan, 1961


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Class of 1981 40th-Year Reunion 5/6/23

The delayed Wheatley School Class of 1981 40th-year reunion is set for:Saturday, May 6, 2023, 6:00 PM, at Hendricks Tavern in Roslyn, NY. 

Hendricks Tavern

Anyone interested in attending should please contact Alan Littman at 516-993-0093 alan.littman@nfp.com.  

Don’t worry, there will be name tags so people can remember you, and you can remember them! 🤣

Bay Area Bash - Sunday, 6/4/23, Noon

To avoid a conflict between Mother’s Day and Alma Mater, The Second Annual (?) Unofficial San Francisco Bay Area Wheatley Reunion Potluck (TSA[?]USFBAWRP), has been rescheduled to Sunday June 4, 2023, noon-4 PM. Early signups are Barry Gordon (’65) and Roy Nierenberg (’63). COVID rates remain low and we’ll be outside, so no testing needed, but I’ll have little adhesive colored dots available for anyone wanting folks to give them six feet of room. Interested Wildcats, please email me at larros99@gmail.com. Best, Larry Rosenthal (‘65)

Wheatley Sports

Writes Allen Cohen (1963) - “Hi Art, Paul Giarmo (1976) was right about Jeff Carduner (1963) blocking an extra point attempt that would have tied the Carle Place game in 1962, as well as blocking a late game Carle Place field goal attempt that would have likely given Carle Place the victory. I remember it well, as I was photography editor of The Wheatley Wildcat and attended all the games. What made that victory particularly sweet was that Carle Place had drubbed Wheatley the year before by the lopsided margin of 33-0. And what made that particularly galling was that back then Newsday would pick not only who they thought would win the games each week, but also the scores. And you guessed it; Newsday predicted we would lose the 1961 game by a score of 33-0, with a comment something like "Big Frogs in a little pond.” The 1962 game was sweet revenge!”

Writes Paula Panzeca Foresto (1969) - “Hi Art,  I came across these old publications and thought some of Wheatley Wildcats might enjoy going down memory lane.  I got a kick out of my late husband Dom’s nickname back then, of which I wasn’t aware: “Giant Killer.”  Probably best I didn’t know back then😁 
Love to all, Paula”

Writes Art - If the first of these articles is too difficult to read, try enlarging it.

“Tom Foresto” is actually “Dom Foresto,” as in Dominick.

Writes Richard Lowenthal (1970) - “Art, I suppose the letter below needs some background. Paul Ingrassia (1969), Bobby Bush (1970), and Steve Shukow (1970) were amazing runners and always finished in the top 10-20 of any meet that I can recall. Cross Country scoring, at the time, counted the placement of the first 5 runners on a team. Therefore, it was up to the 4th and 5th finished placers to truly bring home the bacon.  My memory is that it was up to myself, Paul Seeth (1970), and Greg Fitzpatrick (1970), who were good, decent runners, to run at their very best to make the team victorious.  The particular race mentioned in a recent Newsletter was an important one; I believe it qualified us to compete in the state finals. I probably ran my best race, with a very painful case of shin splints, that day. I vividly remember that Coach August got in his carry-all “coach” (SUVs of the 1960s) and, shall I say, "cheered" me on from the road.  Coach August saw and inspired the potential in us budding adults years before we (I) had a clue.”

It reads: “October 29, 1969 Dear Rick, With our season coming to an end, I want to speak to you outside of a practice.

Rick, I have watched you progress as a runner and a human being. Your giant steps in both areas have been a source of joy for me.

I know what it is to run with pain a constant source of irritation. Your stoic acceptance of the pain and your heroic efforts on the part of our team have given us some great victories.

Regardless of the outcome of the Section 8 meet, I want you to know that I admire and like you as a human being. The best of good fortune wherever the future takes you.

With much admiration,


History of the ‘Hood - Roslyn Heights

History of Roslyn Country Club Levitt Houses


Writes Gene Razzetti (1961) - “Art, I loved the references to Dr August, who was the junior member of the P.E. Department while I was there.  At a basketball game in the Gym one night, three hooligans from who-knows-where came in through a side door and sat is the bleachers. They were up to something - likely cherry bombs. While some of us clean-cut, well-behaved, young heroes were still forming a posse to deal with them, ‘Augie’ walked up to them (by himself) and they scattered out that same side door. Not as dumb as they looked. As I write this, I remember that one of these walking rocks went by the name of ‘Swifty.’ Probably not for his GPA.

Writes Paul Ingrassia (1969) - “Dr August graduated from medical school in his 50s, became a psychiatrist, and practiced until his death in his 80s, focusing on his patients’ drug abuse. He remarried and his son was an all-state hockey player.”


1961 - Nancy Horowitz Schwartz - Survivor

Writes Nancy - “On May 23, 2020 I fell ill. I survived sepsis shock after 10 days in a coma; my family was told that I might not make it. Four weeks after being diagnosed I had a quadruple amputation (legs half-way below the knees; right hand above my wrist; left hand fingers except half my thumb and a quarter of my index finger). I have prosthetic legs from below my knees. I did not like the arm I got, so I do very well with the stump. You should see what I can do with just 2 short fingers! I taught myself to write, including my signature, and make beaded necklaces in a class at the independent facility in which my husband and I live. After five months during the heart of COVID in hospitals and rehab and no family seeing me, I finally went home. I am so grateful and very active walking with a walker. I have told my story to several groups to make them aware. I would love to talk to anyone if they want to hear my story or if they need help.  JAS0564@YAHOO.COM, 561-215-7212

1961 - Patricia Kirk Hefferan - Deceased

Her brother, Robert, 1964, and her sister, Nancy, 1971, pre-deceased her.

The details for the arrangements for Patty are as follows:

A wake for Patricia Hefferan will be held Thursday May 4th, 2023 from 4:00 to 7:00 pm at Pinkel’s Funeral Home, 31Bank St. (Rte.23), Sussex, NJ (973) 875-3272.

 A Funeral Mass will be held on Friday, May 5th, 2023, 10:00 AM, at Saint Joseph’s RC Church, 99 Halsted St., Newton, NJ (973) 383-1985

After the Funeral Mass a Repast will be held at the Hampton Diner, 36 Hampton House RD (Rte. 206), Newton, NJ 07850, (973) 383-1550.

1962 - Lois Kass Kleinberg - “Joe Orr was an incredible appliance repair person. My dad used to get him to call us back by leaving most of a joke on his answering machine tape. ‘I’ll tell you the punchline when you come,’ dad would say. Joe always came, but one would never know exactly when. You just had to be home when he got there.”

1965 and 1967 - Bob Halper and Art Engoron - At The Odeon, 4/27/2023

Front Row, L-R - Beer, Burger, Martini, Water

Back Row - Art Engoron, Bob Halper

1967 - Jill Simon Forte - “The pictures of my Levitt house brought back strong memories of my very young years on Stirrup Lane (until my mom had the whole house revamped). Unfortunately, the house was knocked down a few years ago, when the new regime of Long Islanders came in and put mini-mansions on those plots. Oh, well, time moves on.

Also, I was happy to see my across the street neighbor, Mitch Ditkoff (1965) reveal his new publication. He writes very entertainingly. I have gotten to see him again after all these years, and he is just as nice as ever.”

1970 Joanne Glaser Samela - More Pebble Lane People

Writes Joanne - “Scott Frishman (1967) listed a lot of families that lived on Pebble lane. My brother, Jonathan Glaser (1974), and I lived there as well, across from the Stantons and next to the Riefbergs."

My family moved in when I started 8th grade, which was in 1965. I lived two doors away from Donald Cohen (1969) and four or five doors away from Johnny Gold (1970) and Janet Orshan (1969). I realized at my 50th reunion what a closely knit group my graduating class was, because most of them had known each other since elementary school. Roslyn Heights, specifically Pebble Lane, was a great place in which to grow up.”

1972 - Steven Allen (“Papa”) Litzky - March 10, 1954 - April 25, 2023 - Deceased

Steven Allen Litzky, beloved father and grandfather, passed away at home in Ione, CA on April 25, 2023. Steve was 69 years old. He is survived by his dog, Pearl; children Alexis, Katherine, and Rosalind; and his grandchildren Levi, Solomon, Harper, Sonya, and Nora.

Born to Marilyn Proskauer Litzky and David Litzky in Brooklyn, NY on March 10, 1954, Steve grew up with his older brother Richard Litzky (1969) in Roslyn Heights, NY. Steve’s passion for the natural world started at a young age, with aquariums full of fish and turtles. This blossomed into a deep love for all animals and led him to own many dogs, fish, birds and horses during his life. Taking care of animals brought him great happiness, and many believe he liked them more than other people! Later in life he trained for horse cutting competitions and won a non-pro season title.

Steve moved to California in the mid-1970’s. He always wanted to be surrounded by “California Girls,” so he got married and had three daughters! Steve worked as a tradesman, owned a plumbing business in San Francisco, was an HVAC technician, and eventually became an electrician. He practiced his carpentry skills building furniture, birdhouses, and toys for his grandchildren. In retirement, Steve volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and helped restore the USS Iowa in Richmond, CA.

Steve was a man of few words and enjoyed daily habits. He built a life that he loved and surrounded himself with the people and activities that brought him joy, like going to the dog park with Pearl and yelling at the TV about the 49ers (“those bums”). He will be greatly missed but never forgotten.”


1974 - Ellen Barnett Diana - North Side and Other Childhood Memories

Writes Ellen - Having five brothers, I was a tomboy, and I spent most of my time at North Side because it was two blocks away from my house. I became friends with the janitor, “Tiny,” because I was ALWAYS there. I played on the roof & unfortunately, running away from cops, I jumped on a nail & had to have my first tetanus shot!!! In the summers my Dad would pack my Mom & the seven of us to different bungalows in Hampton Bays, close to the Shinnecock Canal, as most of my parents’ friends were out there as well. Dad would stay a week, go back to Downing St. for work, and come pick us up, and stay another week. It was a wonderful childhood until I hit my teens!!! 🤪 That was when I wanted to be wild & free-which is a whole other story!!! Anyways, I wanted to say something because my memories got triggered! Best,…Ellen

The Wheatley School Alumni Association Forum/Soapbox

Writes Rhoda Kalkin Schneider - OMG, Where are they all going to be housed, schooled, employed, etc.

Writes Gene Razzetti (1961) - “I couldn't agree more with Jay Cummings (1960).  The smell in Washington is no nicer than the smell in NYC.”

Writes Jill Simon Forte (1967) - “Sad to see that ignorance is still alive and well, even among Wheatley graduates. I’m sure you know to whom I am referring.  They still have the wrong information; I guess they watch FAUX  NEWS 🙄.”

Writes Edward B. (“Woody”) Ryder IV (1973) - “Pity poor Jay Cummings (1960). In my youth a favorite program was ‘Lost in Space.’ Apparently Mr. Cummings, with his political ramblings, is lost in an alternate universe where reality is as rare as oxygen.”

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Administration (Richard Simon, Wheatley Principal 1995-2008) - “Great Work.” ❤️

1961 (Gene Razzetti) - “Art, another great newsletter.”

1962 (Lois Kass Kleinberg) - “Thank you for the fabulous newsletters. I read each one as soon as it hits my inbox.” ❤️

1963 (Allan Cohen) - “Keep up the good work, Art. I love reading the Newsletters!”

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1967 (Scott Frishman) - “The Newsletter is great, and we are lucky to have it and you.”

1967 (Jill Simon Forte) - “Hi Art, Another fun read. Keep on keeping on.”

1967 (Barbara Smith Stanisic) - “Great as always, Art. Thank you for all your hard work.” ❤️

1969 (Paula Panzeca Foresto) - “Thank you for all your efforts to keep us informed, united, and young at heart!”

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1970 (Joanne Glaser Samela) - “Reading these newsletters is always so enjoyable.”

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