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Public Service Announcements


Writes Art Engoron (1967) - I have long longed for a stronger connection between TWSAA and the TWS.  The EWSD now has a district-wide "Director of Guidance K-12" named Sean O'Brien."  GMTA!  Here's what he recently wrote me after we spoke:  'The link to the form our alumni can complete if they are interested in providing career development support to our current students can be found here:


I greatly appreciate your support in sharing this with the extended members of the Wheatley Wildcat family!'


You can reach Sean at (516) 333-7506 and OBRIENS@EWSDMAIL.ORG, and I hope that many of you will"



Wheatley Student, Lucy Zha, 17, Budding Scientist, in the News

Lucy Zha, 17, a Regeneron finalist, uses a

Lucy Zha, 17, a Regeneron finalist, uses a pipette in the science lab at The Wheatley School on Feb. 8. Credit: Debbie Egan-Chin.

Submitted by Ronald Fradkin (1968)




Photo of the Old Guard, and New, Approx. 2005, the Diner on Glen Cove Road

A group of people posing for a photo

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Writes Art Engoron (who took the photo) - "Identifications are uncertain and incomplete, but here's my best shot (L-R): the daughter of Gloria Oliver; Elizabeth O'Connor Bradley (English Teacher); Gloria Oliver (Spanish Teacher); Carolyn Wilfert (Guidance Counselor); David Israel (English Teacher); Isabelle Auerbach (English Teacher); Bob Bernstein (hands on EA's shoulders) (Social Studies Teacher); Bob Brandt (Social Studies Teacher); Joseph McCormack (Math Teacher); Ruth Rockmore (English Teacher); Jack ("Cat") Davis (Gym Teacher); Alice Rutenberg (Librarian); Walter Wathey (Principal); Edward Ouchi (Linguistics Expert); ???; Joan Cautela (Tom's Wife); Tom Cautela (Industrial Arts; Baseball Coach; all-around good guy).


Writes Gail Gimbel (1973) - "WOW great Newsletter, I particularly love seeing the teachers.  I loved Ruth Rockmore, and I was friends with her son years ago in high school and her daughter as a married woman.  Mrs. Rutenberg was just the nicest, warmest person; Mrs. Wilfert was my guidance counselor.  Mark Meyers, music teacher, was also such a great guy!  I am very big on history, and really enjoyed this one."



Doctor Irwin August

Writes George Laurie (1965)  - "Reading a recent story in your newsletter about Mr. August reminded me of the time I met him after graduation.  I think most would recognize him as a strong, no-nonsense type of guy.  He had that gift to motivate you to be better than you thought you could be.  His type of coaching and discipline worked well with me, and I appreciated his guidance.

Flash forward about 15 years after graduation.  Several years in the service, living in Suffolk County, working, married with four kids.  Wheatley was a distant memory.  A world away.  One day my two oldest came home from elementary school very excited.  They had a new gym teacher and he knew me!  He was my old teacher in high school!  My first thoughts were, 'Mr. August not at Wheatley?'  Teaching 3rd and 4th graders in a small elementary school?!  I couldn't believe it.

I visited the school that same week and there he was, barrel chested, same serious look.  A giant surrounded by what looked like a bunch of little chicks, all moving in different directions.  Same Mr. August, serious and to the point.  Then I saw him bend down, smile and talk so patiently. Turned out the kids loved him and, of course, they listened.

We met for lunch and had a great conversation.  Seemed so strange, two adults talking about life past, present and future.  He told me he was leaving teaching soon and planned to go back to school to obtain his medical degree.  He was in his mid 50's but stated it like it was no big deal.  "Right time to make a change."

About 5 years ago I read his obituary.  He was a psychiatrist living in Connecticut.  He was 86 and still practicing medicine.  I'm glad I had that opportunity to meet him, if just briefly, later in life. 


Steve Ehre Asks Again

Writes Steve - "Art and I have written to each on several occasions. I have noted that, except for a minor few alumni from the 80s, almost ALL the submissions come from the period from when the school opened in the late 50s until the mid-80s.approximately the first 20-25 years.  Since those dates there have been over 35-40 graduating classes, yet few of those graduates see themselves as part of this marvelous Alumni Newsletter.  It is very strange to me.  My thinking is that something was magical at Wheatley in those early years.from great parents, to super Boards of Education, to leading Superintendents, to principals, to teachers and other professional staff and, not the least, great students. There was a vision...hire the best and the cost be damned.  Need a certain book for your class, order it if it is really necessary.  Need equipment?  We'll see what we can do.quickly. Teachers helped hire the teachers in their Dept., and those wishes were abided by.  We teachers, along with the "Curriculum Associates," interviewed the candidates (UNUSUAL anywhere in any public HS in the US)  One year in Soc. St. we had over 320 applicants for ONE job.we teachers read all the files and then asked several candidates to come in for an interview. We then went to see the finalists teach, and finally made our choice...sometimes we ranked them #1 and #2.  That choice went to the Principal and then the Supt. who both took time to interview the candidates we chose.  In my 30 years at Wheatley, that choice was always respected.  We knew our subject matter, and students, and what parents would want from us.  So we hired the best, no matter what their pay level.  From the many wonderful responses from those days, it would seem that others also saw Wheatley as magical.  Is it now just another really good Nassau County school?  Is it social media?  How do others account for the disparity in Alumni responses?  I am curious about your thoughts. Thanks!  Steve (Ehre) '65-'96.


Editor's Response

Writes Art Engoron (1967) - On the one hand, I print whatever I receive, regardless of the graduation year of the author.  On the other hand, I can't help but think that the fact that I, my four brothers, and my friends all graduated in the 1960s and 1970s must skew what the Newsletters cover towards those decades.  If and when I retire from "my other job," I hope to devote more time to encouraging and nurturing input from the later decades.


I've already written that Coach Bill Stevenson was a major role model --  fact, hero -- to me at North Side.  Dr. August hugely motivated me in athletics at Wheatley.  He coached several world-class physical fitness teams to national championships and/or renown, including the 1967 team that came in second, to archrival Carle Place, in the New York Metropolitan Meet, and second (or was it 5th, one or the other), again to Carle Place, in the National Meet at the Marine Corps base at Quantico, Virginia.  Richard Olney, Robert Scandurra, Michael McGrane, and I (all seniors), and Gary Matthesen (1968) and Michael Stedman (1970) participated."



John DiMartino - Deceased

John taught Chemistry.




 1964 - Susan Martin Edlavitch - Deceased

Susan Martin Edlavitch passed away unexpectedly on March 10th, 2021 of complications from various medical issues.  She leaves behind three children and six grandchildren.  Some of you might remember her mother, Ethel Martin, a former teacher at Willets Road and later an administrator.  Her brother, Bob, was Class of 1959.


Writes Barbara Rosenbaum Carey (1964) - "Sue and I became friends in grade school and maintained that friendship throughout our lives.  She graduated from the University of Maryland-College Park and remained in Maryland where she met her former husband.  Sue taught middle school French until she started her family and later worked in the travel industry.  Her family and friends were her number one priority, as she was the consummate mom and gracious hostess.


Sue developed mobility issues in later years, which hampered her love of travel, but we still managed a few trips together.  Most recently we travelled to Florida, where both of our parents retired so many years ago.  Sue will be missed by her family, friends and especially me, as I think of her often.  I always enjoyed our phone conversations and hearing about her family's activities. We could always find something to laugh about that happened years ago.  She was a good friend.  May she be at peace."



1966 - Charlie and Jay - Remembered

Writes classmate Allan Silver - "I was sorry to learn that Charlie Trantum, Jay Keillor's close friend, recently died.  Charlie wrote such a touching obituary about Jay.  I played football with both Jay and Charlie, and they were wonderful teammates."


Writes Classmate Suzanne Stone - "I am saddened to hear of the passing of Charles Trantum.  He was a nice man, and I feel thankful that at least he enjoyed a full life."



1967 - Senior Prom - June 16, 1967 - The Sands - One Table


A group of people sitting at a table

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Seated - L-R - Gina Harman, Ronald Koch, Susan Goldfeder (1968), Judith Orgel, James Byrnes, Regina Bindman, and Lawrence Baum

Standing - Joseph Sciortino, Robert Becher, Amy Serwitz, Shep Messing, Lesley Rae, Leslie Spero, Edward Goldstein, David Shapiro, Dave's Date


Joe was with Gina, Ron was with Susan, Jimmy was with Judy, Ginny was with Larry, Bobby was with Amy, Shep was with Lesley, Eddie was with Leslie, David was with Dave's Date


All the way in the back, second from left, talking to Mr. Polka Dots, appears to be Senior Class Faculty Advisor Thomas Cautela.  Mr. Polka Dots looks incredibly like Eddie Brigati of The Young Rascals, but that group played in the Gym earlier in the year; the Blues Project, or 3/5ths of them, played the prom.



Another Table



Seated (L-R) - Kenneth Markham, Beth Jacoby, Sara Little, Richard Mark Friedman, ???, Kenneth Lang

Standing - Andrew Summers, Ricki Spier Cohen (1968), Kenneth Janowitz, ???, Robert Bordiga, Nanette Maslow (now "Nechama Tarlow")



1967 - Helene Feiner and Merrill Stanton - Gorgeous Gals in Glasses


A picture containing outdoor, person, tree, people

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Writes Merrill - "Hi Art...spontaneous visit with Helene Feiner who just happens to be taking a road trip! We thought of you and send this with love "



1967 - Mitch Stephens + Wife Esther Davidowitz - "Lit"


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1967 - Art Engoron - Half Asleep (or Half Awake)


A person holding a cell phone

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Keens Steakhouse - 3/24/2021

A group of people sitting around a table posing for the camera

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Writes Art - "That's me in the back, on the left, with long hair (some things never change)."


1967 - Guess Who?!

A person standing in a field

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1971 - Dale Ilsley Goldberg - A Wonderful Wheatley-Wheatley Marriage to Mark Goldberg (1969)


Two people smiling

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Writes Dale - "Hi Art, First of all, thank you for all of the work and time you put into producing the newsletter.  Each time a new issue pops up in my email, I eagerly open it, and hope to find a posting by someone in my graduating seems to me that members of the Class of 1971 rarely post ...then I realized that I had never posted either.  So, here goes.


Like half of the students at Wheatley, I went to North Side Elementary - lived around the corner actually.  I recall walking to and from school every day - one memory that stands out is walking home from North Side the day that JFK was assassinated.  We were sent home early, dismissed by crying teachers.  I had Mrs. Batchelder for 6th grade - with her wall of cubbies and shoes for different subjects.  I remember we played pranks on her (Jimmy Dowdell with fake vomit), dying the water green in her glass that she kept in the Styrofoam container on her desk - and every day she would say to  Sam Mellor, "Sam, they made the pants too long".I never understood why until I recently discovered it is a song from the 40's.


On to Wheatley...and I must say that the majority of my memories revolve around choir and Doctor Wills. For 5 of my 6 years at Wheatley, I accompanied (piano) the choir and the musicals, and I finally got a chance to perform onstage when I was a senior ("Fiorello").  My home life was difficult, and Doc helped build my confidence by trusting me with extra responsibilities - sometimes I would run rehearsals for him at the last minute.  Doc played piano and sang at a piano bar on the weekends, and after graduating, he and I would play double piano and sing.  Doc asked me to play the organ and sing for his wedding when he remarried; however he was sadly unable to return the favor when I married, as he had developed vocal nodules.  I also remember singing "Shalom" with Teddy Silver at our graduation ceremony.


I went to East Carolina University to major in music therapy, but I discovered it was not for me - neither the major nor the south.  At that time (early 70s) there was open racism in the south, and segregated dorms - it was the first time I ever actually heard people say the "N" word, and it was horrifying.  One of the students at ECU once asked if it was true that Jews had horns!  I transferred to Adelphi in my junior year and graduated with a BSW, then went on to get an MSW and Ph.D. from Temple University, and have been in private practice as a psychotherapist for the past 40+ years.


In 1975 I married a fellow Wheatley grad - Mark Goldberg, Class of 1969.  Even though we grew up around the corner from each other, we didn't really know each other until our mutual friend Paul Ingrassia introduced us in 1972.  Recently we went back to East Williston, ate at Hildebrandt's, walked around our old neighborhood (boy, our houses are much smaller than in our memories), walked to North Side, then drove over to Wheatley.  We will be celebrating our 46th wedding anniversary this June - Mark is the love of my life, and we are very happy and feel very lucky.  We live in Lansdale, PA, a northwest suburb of Philly, where we raised our sons, Jonathan and Geoffrey.  We talk about retiring, spending more time with our 4 granddaughters, traveling, but for now we both enjoy our work and are able to work part-time from home, so we continue to work.


I converted to Judaism around 1990, and for 10 years I taught music at the Sunday school and, also, co-lead the children's choir with the cantor.  I became a volunteer para-chaplain through the Philadelphia Board of Rabbis and conducted monthly Shabbat services at a nearby nursing home for about 15 years.  I have officiated at funerals and weddings (much prefer weddings).  Mark and I were both in a band for about 10 years called "The Hip Replacements" - so named for one of our members who had a hip replaced.  We played covers from the 60's and 70's.  I know, old.  I still enjoy singing and playing music, mostly on the piano, but also guitar and ukulele.


I have been sewing and quilting my way through the pandemic - starting in March 2020, I sewed 120 masks that I donated to hospitals, nursing homes, family and friends.  Then I started making quilts - it is my current passion in life.  I guess I can't retire yet, I have to pay for all of the fabric I've been buying.


I am attaching a couple of recent photos of me and Mark.  I'd love to hear from some of my classmates.  My email is Boggle with Friends, anyone?


Peace and love,

Dale Ilsley Goldberg


A group of people posing for a photo

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PS: The top photos is of Mark and me on our 45th wedding anniversary.  The other photo was taken in our backyard last summer, showing our family, with children and grandchildren.

Seated is Mark and me, with Mika (2)on my lap; she's Geoffrey and Evan's daughter, living in LA

Middle: Jane (2), Josephine (4) and Juliet (6) .....Jonathan and Jillian's daughters, living in Summit, NJ

Standing (L-R) Son-in-law Evan next to our son (his husband) Geoffrey, son Jonathan and wife Jillian. 


PPS: My sister Darryl ('66) lives near Tampa, she was definitely an excellent athlete.  She has one daughter and six grandchildren, and is happy and healthy.

My brother Richard ('64) lives in NC, has 3 children and 6 grandchildren.

My younger sister Jeanne ('76) died 7 years ago after a very long struggle with mental illness.  She had 3 children, all living on Long Island, and one grandbaby, who was born several years after Jeanne died.

Take care.




1974 - Ilene Swickle - Remembering the North Side Fire

Writes Ilene - " Hi....I think the date of the fire is wrong in the newsletter. Obviously, I was pretty young and don't remember it from memory.  What I do remember though, was that my new baby cousin was born on March 21st, and my mother was going crazy, not knowing which way to run, because THAT was the same day as the fire......  If I'm wrong, sorry about that!!!!"



Fan Mail and a Few Miscellaneous E-Mail Addresses and Comments


Faculty (Steve Ehre) - "Thanks for the great work."


1959 (Virginia ("Ginger") Nichols Lohmann) - GINGER.LOHMANN@GMAIL.COM


1960 (Paul Keister) - "Thanks for all you do!"  PAULKEISTER@COX.NET


1961 (Eugene Razzetti) - ""Art: Thanks for another great read, and congrats to Richard Kopelman on his book.  Best to all, Gene Razzetti, 1961."


1962 (Richard Swaback) - "Thanks for all you are doing to keep this Newsletter alive."  151 Shambhala Way, Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545, 970-312-9155, DICKIESWABACK@GMAIL.COM


1964 - Barbra Rosenbaum Carey -   "Thanks for all you do to keep us connected."


1965 (Malcolm Dobrow) - MSDOBROW@GMAIL.COM


1965 (Glen Hammer) -  "As always, great Newsletter!"


1965 (George Laurie) - "Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed.  Always enjoyable reading."


1966 (Debbi Davis) - "Thanks for all the time and effort you spend on keeping all of us Wheatlyites connected and informed."


1966 (Allan Silver) - "Terrific edition, as usual."


1966 (Suzanne Stone) - ""Hi Art, You and Keith are remarkable. Thanks again for a heartwarming Newsletter."


1967 (Scott Frishman) - "Great Newsletter, as usual."


1967 (Barry Gold) - "Art, so great to see what you have done to keep the Wheatley Wildcat alive and well."


1968 (Patricia ["Patti"] Garin Abelson) - "Thanks so much for all you do.  Your work keeping us connected matters."  PATTI.ABELSON@GMAIL.COM


1968 (Richard Horowitz) - "What you're doing is a great thing."  RAH1800@AOL.COM; RAH@PFINA.COM; 516-639-6100


1969 (Mark Goldberg) - "My wife, Dale Ilsley Goldberg (1971), and I want to thank you for all of the hard work you invest in publishing the Wheatley Alumni Newsletter.  It is great and I am sure a lot of work."


1971 (Donna Faruolo Gillen) - "Thank you for all you and Keith do to share information with all of us!"


1971 (Dale Ilsley Goldberg) - "Thanks for another interesting Newsletter, I always look forward to them!


1973 (Gail Gimbel) - " You are doing such a nice job, Art, in keeping us connected!  A Big Thank You."


1973 (Robert Valicenti) - "Thank you again for all that you do!  I was just enjoying your most recent newsletter and came across the "1973 - Gail Gimbel - Classic photos."  The fellow on the far left is Michael Reinhardt, with whom I still keep in touch.  He was the lead singer in one of our rock bands in Wheatley.  Sincerest regards, Bob Valicenti."


1981 (Brian Seidman) - "Thanks for the Newsletter, which is great."


1985 (Karen Eder Goodman) - "I don't want to miss the Wheatley news!"


1986 (Sarah Schwadron Mizrahi) - 28 Amherst Road, Albertson, NY 11507, 516-307-9652,


1993 (Romina Tenembaum) - "I love reading the Newsletters! Thank you for putting them together."




That's it for The Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter # 58.  Please send me your autobiography before someone else sends me your obituary.


Arthur Fredericks Engoron

The Wheatley School Class of 1967