The Wheatley Alumni Association Newsletter #32: May 14, 2019

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1958 - Anita Silvers - Renee Gershen Nadel (1960) Remembers Anita Silvers

Writes Renee – “I am saddened to hear of the death of Anita Silvers, brother of my classmate David Silvers.  I remember her well and, though she was two years ahead of me, I always knew how bright and how brave she was.  I am also a polio survivor and am well aware of the difficulties she must have had.  I applaud her efforts for the disabled.”

1958 – Everyone – Commencement Booklet

Thanks to graduate Robert Holley.

Page One is Top Right

Page Two is Bottom Left

Page Three is Bottom Right

Page Four is Top Left



1961 – Carol Jalonack Blum – Still Fiddlin


1961 – Dede Ragonnet - Deceased

Dede passed away on May 11, 2016.

1962 – Philip Christensen – Looking Cool in a Hot Place (Barbados)


1962 - John Cilmi – On Second Thought

Writes John – “On the subject of positive and negative experiences at Wheatley, I, too, have mostly unpleasant memories.  However, I am quite clear that while they were in part due to the adolescent antics of my classmates, they were mostly attributable to my own foibles.  I haven’t lived in NY for many years, so my last visit to Wheatley was for the Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration more than a decade ago.  It was at that event that I came to grips with the extraordinary school I had attended and how many opportunities I had missed while getting an education that has served me well throughout my life.  Thank-you, Wheatley!”

1962 – Bill Jerome and Jay Samoff – Pillars of the Class

Writes Philip Christensen – “Glad to see you, Art, in Newsletter # 31 being ‘held up’ by two of the pillars of the Class of 1962: Jay Samoff and Bill Jerome.  I assume that ‘(L)’ and ‘(R)’ are not meant to identify their respective political dispositions.  For those of us who remember them, they look remarkably similar to how they did back at Wheatley.”

1964 – Richard Maxfield – Deceased


“Dr. Richard Maxfield passed away suddenly at home on October 17, 2018 in Topeka, KS.  He was born in Mineola, NY on September 12, 1946 to Ruth Blank Maxfield and Edwin Maxfield.  He will be remembered as a well-respected psychologist, a devoted husband to his wife of 33 years, Susan, and a beloved father to his daughter Amelia and son Jacob.  He was adored by his grandsons, and cherished as a son, brother, uncle and friend.  Above all Dr. Maxfield was a helper and a listener.  It is his continued devotion to working and living in the service of others for which he will be remembered most.”

1965 - Jane Goldenberg Fire – Punk Rocker in the News


Jane was a member of the Punk Rock band The Erasers.  That’s her on the far right, sometime in the 1970s.  Read all about it in the New York Times:

1965 – Richard Rogers and Robert (“Bob”) Strumpfler – A Seed Was Planted

Writes Richard – “Art, Thank you for the article about, and picture of, the Strumpfler family, including their Dad Fred, a former Western Electric executive, who is 100 years young.  Bob Strumpfler and I were in the Class of 1965 and were good friends at North Side as well as Wheatley.  I spent quite a bit of time at their house and it was a conversation one day with Fred that planted a seed that a couple of years later led me to a career I truly loved.  Fred was a manufacturing-operations executive at the time.  The conversation we had was about the employee and labor relations aspects of his job.  I was initially a chemistry major in college but wanted to make a change, not unusual.  The seed planted by Fred led me to major in Labor Studies at Penn State and, after two years in the Army (I won the draft lottery), to a Masters Degree in Human Resources at Michigan State.  Simply said, I had a great career in HR:  two Fortune 100 companies, one global 1000, two very successful venture capital/management owned companies (had equity in both) in four different industries.  The last twenty five years I was a Chief HR Officer and worked directly for six different CEOs.  The seed planted by Fred in the 60s flourished into a challenging and rewarding career for which I will forever be thankful to him and the Strumpfler family.  Dick Rogers, Kissimmee, FL, 203.556.8696 (cell)”

1966 – Claude Lévy – Artistic Director of Upcoming Concert


1967 – Benjamin Ross – Retired but Still Active

Ben fiercely advocates for mass transit at Maryland Transit Opportunities Coalition,

1967 – Jill Simon Forte – Grateful

Writes Jill – “Even though I have mentioned this before, thanks Arthur for your effort on behalf of us Wheatleyites.  I certainly didn’t take advantage of the exceptional teaching from our alma mater.  But my experience was a fun one.  I made great friends that I am still in touch with (and one that you helped me with) and I enjoy the reunions.  Certainty the BEST thing I gained from being in Wheatley was my fantastic husband Bob