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Welcome to The Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter # 159.

All underlined text is a link-to-a-link or a link-to-an-email-address. Clicking anywhere on underlined text, and then clicking on the text that pops up, will get you to your on-line destination or will address an email.

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Editorial - Down with the Fence!

Writes Art Engoron (1967) - I STRONGLY oppose the idea of a fence around North Side, ESPECIALLY one as opaque, inhibiting, and just plain ugly as this one.

From 1954 to 1961, K-12, I attended the North Side School, and as recently as 10 years ago I took my three youngest children to play in the “new” playground. The building and grounds are a gem, an oasis of beauty and calm. A fence will destroy the gentle ambiance that is so conducive to learning. I still remember being in fourth grade, Ms. Hoffman’s class, looking out the window towards East Williston Avenue, and seeing placid green vegetation (I probably should have been paying closer attention to the lesson).

I am unaware of any serious incidents, much less any harm, under the present circumstances. I doubt that a fence will deter anyone intent on doing evil. What happens when children exit the fence? They’ll be even more isolated. Finally, although it’s a stretch, the current dispute reminds me of Benjamin Franklin’s famous aphorism: "Those who would give up Essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Alma Mater

Writes Steve Nelson (1958) - “The program from the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Wheatley, on October 21, 2006, shows that the Alma Mater did not change over the years. But it’s ‘high’ time to correct the wrong name of the school in the lyrics, ‘Wheatley High.’ The next to last line should be changed to “Our ALMA MATER Wheatley School” or better yet for the meter of the song, “Wheatley School our ALMA MATER.” Perhaps someone in the school administration reading this will get the ball rolling, before I wind up singing it with the heavenly chorus of Wheatley alums in the sky.”

Writes Art Engoron (1967) - IMHO, the Alma Mater should NOT be changed. “High” is the perfect word lyrically and musically; history and nostalgia are more important than technical accuracy; and this is how Doctor Wills wrote it.

‘Hood History

Writes Jane Colchamiro Schlanger (1967) to Jim Paley (1964) - “My wonderful memories of your father, Doctor George Paley, are skewered by our family relationship and living backyard-to-backyard for many years. Your father was not just my doctor as I grew older, he was also a kind, caring friend……the one who had to tell his sister’s brother-in-law, my father, at 38 years old, that he had leukemia. I will never forget him struggling to compose himself as he was giving my father’s eulogy. He was an amazing doctor, friend and relative.”

Writes Jane Colchamiro Schlanger (1967) to Rick Frishman (1972) - “Rick Frishman, thank you for bringing back all my wonderful memories of Dr. Alfred Florman. He was a wonderful, kind man and got me through all the usual childhood illnesses. My most vivid memory is a scheme that he and my mother must have cooked up. I hated getting shots, so my mother was fixing my ponytail after my check-up when Dr. Florman snuck up behind me and gave me the necessary injections, but aside from that he was great!”

Writes Andrew Rosen (1971) - “Arthur: I read Rick Frishman’s (1972) comment with great interest.  When I was two years old my mother took me to Doctor Alfred Florman’s office.  He diagnosed me as having influenza.  Later in the day he decided to drop by my house.  He then decided that I had pneumonia as well and sent me to a hospital, where I spent two weeks in an oxygen tent.

This photo is from his retirement from North Shore Hospital.  Thanks to Dr. Florman, I’m alive and well and living in the mountain paradise that is Asheville, NC.

Writes Mitch Shapiro (1970) - “I’m curious to know whether anybody recalls playing frisbee football outside of the Roslyn Country Club after school and on weekends?   And does anybody even play frisbee any more?”


Writes Glenn Gould (1980) - Art, a funny story to share. In 1984, shortly after graduating college, I was interviewing for paralegal jobs. One interview was with Peter Sheft (1974), whom I didn't know and was six years ahead of me. During the interview, when he found out that I, too, had attended Wheatley, he asked me if I had had Mr. Israel as a teacher. When I responded affirmatively he said "you're hired.” He explained that having had David himself, he knew that I must know how to write.”


1962 - Howard M. Grindlinger - “Hi Art - As a 1962 Wheatley Grad, I am glad to hear that my classmates Jon Bagdon and Marilyn Lee McKelvey are still among us. Jon lived down the block from us on Dogleg Lane and was a good fellow and a hard core jock. Marilyn was a girlfriend of our group of 'Advanced Science' participants, which included Marvin Leifer, who became a psychiatrist. Marilyn was sweet, lovely and very smart.

I was the runt of the group, but they helped me find my sense of humor and my love of Freedom. I was a hospitalist for a while after Pitt Med, but then became a Psychiatrist myself. Meh! Regards to you all, Howard M. Grindlinger, MD”

1967 - Benjamin Ross - “Hi Arthur, In response to the request from Joe Wiener, the current Wheatley Principal, here are links to the two books I authored. The second one is especially apt because the first page - which I've attached - is a description of the old neighborhood.


1967 +1979 + 2010. - Art Engoron, Alex Tisch, Alex Estis - Three Generations

L-R - Alexander Tisch (2010), Art Engoron (1967), Alexander Tisch (1979)

The View, Battery Park, June 6, 2024

1968 - Sandra Brodkin Dreis - In Praise of Rudy’s Delicatessen

A recent Newsletter mentioned Rudy’s Deli in Williston Park, a stone’s throw from the railroad station. My pulse quickened at the thought of their perfect potato salad—that to this day—I am trying to recreate in my kitchen. My dad used to bring this marvel home if we were having kosher hot dogs for supper on the weekend. I recall that Daphil’s in Albertson served ‘Specials,’ a/k/a ‘Knockwurst,’ with baked beans and sauerkraut. My family often ate there Friday nights if we weren’t having pizza at Italian Gardens on Jericho Turnpike. I will confess, Winston-Salem is an amazing small city, teeming with culture and arts—but no real New York Deli.

Okay. The potatoes were slightly firm, never mushy. This is key. And unlike North Carolina style, which varies greatly but is rarely great, there’s no visible egg mixed in. Good. There was scant, yet very fresh, parsley, along with carrot gratings mixed in with, of course, the magic mayo and tangy vinegar combination. White vinegar? Apple cider vinegar? There had to be some sugar involved. How much? This recipe is my quest.

Who, I wonder, was Rudy? Does Rudy have ancestors with a recipe box? Any Wheatley grad who has any information on this amazing Deli—please share.”

1983 - Theresa D’Amato - “Hi Arthur, I have some good news!! Robert Davies (from Philadelphia) and I got married on June 1, 2024!

Fan Mail

The Administration (Wheatley Principal Joseph Wiener) - ❤️

1962 (Howard Grindlinger) - “Thanks for your work on the Newsletter.”

1963 (Barbara Gottesman Miller) - “I love the Newsletter…..thanks, Art!”

1967 (Stephen Kornfeld) - ❤️

1967 (Jill Simon Forte) - “Another good one.” ❤️😊☮️

1970 (Mitch Shapiro) - “I’m glad to see more people sharing stories in the Newsletter.”

1980 (Glenn Gould) - “Thanks for all you do to keep us up-to-date on alumni activities!”


That’s it for The Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter # 159.  Please send me your autobiography before someone else sends me your obituary.


Arthur Fredericks Engoron, Class of 1967