The Wheatley Alumni Association Newsletter #143

March 31, 2024

Arthur Engoron


Dear Wheatley Wildcats and Other Interested Persons,

Welcome to The Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter # 143.

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The Usual Words of Wisdom

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We welcome any and all text and photos relevant to The Wheatley School, 11 Bacon Road, Old Westbury, NY 11568, and the people who administered, taught, worked, and/or studied there. Art Engoron, Class of 1967

San Francisco Bay Area Wheatley Reunion

Writes Larry Rosenthal (1965) - “Art, I’m pleased to announce that The Third Annual (?) Unofficial San Francisco Bay Area Wheatley Reunion Potluck—TTA(?)USFBAWRP-- will be held Sunday May 26, 2023, noon - 4pm, in my Berkeley backyard. As before, fellow Berkeleyan Peter Siegel (’66) will be there, along with Roy Nierenberg (’63) from neighboring El Cerrito, and Barry Gordon (’65) from the South Bay. Interested Wildcats, please email me at  Best, Larry”

‘Hood History

Writes Jill Simon Forte (1967) - “Yes, James Paley was exactly correct about the strip of stores at the Albertson LIRR station. I was so excited when I became old enough to ride my bicycle there. I usually went with my classmate-friends, Beth Lubell, Fern Katz,and, of course, my great friend still, Amy Pasternack.”

Writes Lois Hegyi Goldstein (1968) - “To answer James Paley’s (1964) question regarding the little shopping center on the east side of the LIRR tracks at I.U. Willets Road…..Yes the drugstore was Super Drug and the little supermarket was called Sunrise. I even remember that the name of the pharmacist in Super Drug was ‘Bernie.’ There was also a soda fountain at the front of the store, and they made the best hamburgers!”

Writes James Wallach (1969) - “Re: Super Drug. Yes, it was attached to a supermarket next to the tracks. On the other side of the tracks was a small strip anchored (at least to us kids) by a candy store that also sold things like Oak Tag, kites, hula hoops, and especially baseball cards, etc. We used to sit by that store until we heard a train coming, then put pennies on the tracks to see how they came out.”

Writes Barry Lipsky (1970) - “Dear Art, The small shopping center across from Stirrup Lane had two stores in it. The first was the Country Club Drug Store that, when it closed, became the Shelter Rock Library for many years. The other store was called the ‘Sunrise Supermarket,’ and many years after it closed became a company called ‘First Coinvestors’ I am 99% sure of all this, although I don't think anyone should be 100% sure of anything. Regards, Barry Lipsky”

Partial List of Wildcats at Carnegie Tech/Carnegie Mellon

Judkoff Popolow, Patricia 1958 (Deceased)

Jalonack Blum, Carol 1961

Brautigam Carter, Betsy 1965

Gordon, Barry 1965

Levine, Andrea 1965 (Deceaed)

Orling, Jeffrey 1965

Asquith, Stephen 1967

McGovern Schneebaum, Karen 1967

Bernstein, Alan 1968

Fromm, Mark 1969

Goldsmith, Bruce 1970

Oppenheim Darrah, Judith 1972

Tibrewala, Neal 1994

Jain, Arihant 2016


1964 - John Corwin - A little Ditty.

Spring has sprung…

the grass has riz;

I wonder where

The birdies is.

1965 + 1967 - Bob Halper and Art Engoron - At Their Usual Hangout

L-R - Art and Bob at Odeon, Monday, March 25, 2024

1967 - Bruce Orosz and Art Engoron - Indoors and Outdoors

Serafina Broadway, at 55th Street, Tuesday, March 26, 2024

1968 - Adrienne Gladstone Fierman - “My family lived on Percheron Lane, and I remember riding our bikes in 1st grade up that giant hill to get to school. Do kids still do that? ❤️

1972 - Janet Schaffel and Suellyn Karben Giserman - Turning 70

L-R - Janet, Suellyn

1973 - Easter at the House of Daniel Engoron and Sara Weiss Danzi Engoron - All the Wheatley Graduates

L-R - Jack Engoron (2016), Stacey Engoron (2007), John Danzi (1997), Danny Engoron (1973), Art Engoron (1967), Billy Danzi (2007), and Sara Engoron (1973)

The Weiss, Danzi and Engoron Families, among others.

1974 - Donna Bloom Cave - “Hi Art, I will be retired as of April 1 (yay). As much as I am looking forward to retiring, truth is, I will probably get a part-time job in a few months.  It will keep my brain sharp. 😊

1978 - Bradley Feuer - Inspiration - “Last night, I was enjoying a Friday night dinner with my wife, son (first year med student) and daughter (sophomore pre-law) when the topic turned to graduate school applications and career choices. I found myself citing Browning: "A Man's Reach Should Exceed His Grasp," and giving personal examples of how I followed this philosophy in my own life, when I realized the time when I was first exposed to this quote. It was in 10th grade, and I read it every weekday, in Robert Brandt's social studies class. Now in my sixth decade, I have achieved more in this life than I ever imagined, and much of that has no doubt been the result of a mindset initialized by a quote on the wall/ceiling of a stimulating high school class.”

1981 - Wayne Josel - “Art: I was reading through the latest Newsletter and saw, ‘I lived on the corner of Roslyn Road and I.U. Willets Road’ and was a bit taken aback because that was where we lived!  I scrolled up and saw that the entry was written by James Paley (1964) and realized that he was talking about the same house! My parents bought it from his parents (his father was our physician for a bit) in 1968. I can’t say that I recall anything else he was writing about!!

Fan Mail

1962 (Gail Anne (“Annie”) Wilkinson) - “Congratulations on organizing and disseminating the many Newsletter submissions from other Wheatley graduates. I have a fairly good idea of how much work that entails, and I appreciate your dedication.”

1964 (Elvira (“Vivi”) Cilmi Kunz) - “Hi Art, Thanks again for the memories!”

1966 (Adrienne Gladstone Fierman) - “I look forward to reading these every week and love the photos of my fellow Willets Road School graduates of 1968. We lived on Percheron Lane. I remember riding our bikes in 1st grade up that giant hill to get to school. Do kids still do that? ❤️

1967 (Jill Simon Forte) - “I love the Newsletters.”

1968 (Lois Hegyi Goldstein) - “Thank you, Art, for keeping us all together. I, too, look forward to every issue.”

1968 (Ilene “Cookie” Levine) - “Thanks for the Newsletters! I enjoy reading them and finding out what has become of my classmates.”

1969 (Jo Anne Newman Abraskin) - ❤️

1969 (Richard Schoenfeld) - ❤️

1969 (Ronni Seltzer) - ❤️

1972 (Jeffrey Kargman) - ❤️

1972 (Dolores (“Lori”) Waltzer Bernstein - ❤️

1973 (Danny Engoron) - “I knew you’d make me proud someday. I just didn’t think that it would take this long.”

1974 (Melanie Artim) - “I’m grateful to you for everything you do for us Wildcats.”

1974 (Donna Bloom Cave) - “Thank you for sending the alumni Newsletter.  I look forward to it and enjoy reading about everyone.”

1974 (Jessica Hill Saperstone) - ❤️

1986 (Adam Weisler) - “The newsletter is terrific! Iappreciate all of the hard work and energy you put into keeping us up-to-date on the Wheatley world. Thank you!”


That’s it for The Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter # 143.  Please send me your autobiography before someone else sends me your obituary.




  Arthur Fredericks Engoron, Class of 1967