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March 14, 2024


Dear Wheatley Wildcats and Other Interested Persons,

Welcome to The Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter # 141.

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‘Hood History

Phipps Estates

Writes Carol Jalonack Blum (1961) - Jeff Orling (1965) writes that the Phipps Estate was near the ‘S’ Section.  I believe Jeff is referring to Clark Botanic Gardens, which is just north of I.U. Willets Road. There were two Phipps Estates.  One became Old Westbury Gardens, which is close to the other end of I.U. Willets Road, nowhere near the ’S’ Section.  The other was off of Red Ground Road in Old Westbury. It is now called Spring Hills Gardens and has been broken up and built on. One of its borders was Hastings Lane (now Hastings Road). They had a horse pasture there. My family lived on Meadowbrook Lane, which was one block long, and ran between Hastings and Kings Drive.  Alice Schwartz (1961), Linda Cunningham (1961), and I knew Cynthia "Cinny” Phipps. Alice sometimes rode their horses. We had a number of adventures involving the Phipps estates. I'm sure the statute of limitations has long since run, but I'll leave those stories for another time and place.    

That strip mall by the LIE was the Westwood Shopping Center.  If we ended up on the late bus from Wheatley, that's where it let us off.  We would have to walk the mile or so along the North Service Road and end up at Red Ground Road, where we turned North to Kings Drive.”

Clark Botanic Garden

From Wikipedia.

The entrance to Clark Botanic Garden in 2012.


Type Botanical garden and park Location. Roslyn Heights, New York, Area 12 acres Owned by Town of North Hempstead

Clark Botanic Garden is a 12-acre botanical garden and park located in Roslyn Heights, in Nassau County

The garden, designed by noted garden designer Alice Recknagel Ireys,[1] was established in 1969 on the former estate of Grenville Clark, a noted attorney, author, and advisor to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In 1966, Clark donated his home to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The site now contains approximately 5,000 species of plants, with over 1,000 labeled trees, shrubs, and garden plants arranged in 12 specialty gardens. Collections include native wildflowers, conifers, roses, perennials, daylilies, wetland plants, rock garden plants, herbs, butterfly plants, and medicinal plants.

Athletics and Athletes

First Row - L-R - Charlie Shapiro (with open collar) (1958), Ronald Forman (wearing white pants) (1958), Betsy Shapiro Sasso (1965), Sue Seigel (non-Wheatley), Helen Kritzler (1960), Jeff Philipson’s first wife (non-Wheatley); Jeff Philipson (1958)

Second Row - L-R - Brian Sirota (1958), Julien Hennefeld (1958), Steve Perlin (1958), Rus Karaviotis (non-Wheatley), Alan Gordan (briefly Wheatley 1959), Eddie Kritzler (1958), Kenny Harris (non-Wheatley), Judy Schatzow (non-Wheatley)

Pure Left to Right - Charlie Shapiro (1958), Brian Sirota (1958), Ronald Forman (1958), Julien Hennefeld (1958), Betsy Shapiro Sasso (1965), Sue Seigel (non-Wheatley), Steve Perlin (1958), Rus Karaviotis (non-Wheatley), Helen Kritzler (1960), Alan Gordan (briefly Wheatley 1959), Eddie Kritzler (1958), Kenny Harris (non-Wheatley), Jeff Philipson’s first wife (non-Wheatley), Jeff Philipson (1958), Judy Shatzow (non-Wheatley)

Writes Matt Sanzone (1959) - “The photograph of the Class of 1958 is wonderful. There is, however, one mystery person, and that person is Alan Gordon. Contrary to what is noted in the photo, Alan attended Wheatley at least one year. Russ Karaviotis was a Mineola HS guy, and Kenny Harris was, I believe, a Roslyn HS guy, but “AG,” as Alan was called, was a Wheatley guy for at least one year. He is listed as a member of the Class of 1959 in Aurora 1958. He was on the 8-0 football team, and I will share with you this funny story. At the Plainview game, which was very one-sided, coach Davis sent Alan into the game. He was so excited to get into his first football game that he ran out onto the field forgetting to wear his helmet. Coach Davis called him back, handed him his helmet, and he joined the team! He was also a member of the great Larry Nagler led championship basketball team. He signed my yearbook, adding this cryptic note: “Maybe I’ll see you next year.” I didn’t, and there is no mention of him in Aurora 1959. Perhaps some sleuthing of the official records in needed.”


1960 and 1970 - Kenneth Martin and Mitchel Shapiro - Florida Fun

L-R - Ken Martin (1960), Ken’s Wife Cheryle, Mitch’s wife Donna, Mitch Shapiro (1970)

Writes Donna - “Mitch and I visited with Ken and Cheryle Martin while down here in Florida, and they took us out for lunch. My husband and I enjoyed great conversation with two very kind and amazing people.”

Writes Mitch - “It's great to have the chance to reminisce about our years at Wheatley and then to catch up 50 years later and marvel at all that has been accomplished among us."

1964 - Second Notice - A graduate would like to know if anyone plans to organize a 60th-Year reunion. Will anyone step up to the plate? If so, contact Art.

1966 + 19697 - Claude Levy and Art Engoron - Pepolino Restaurant, 3/12/2024

“The Mayor of Wheatley”

“Arthur F. Engoron” - Wheatley Red Sweatshirt by Aarushi Jain, Class of 2021

1967 - Art Engoron - Outside 60 Centre Street with Former Law Clerk (Now Judge) 3/13/2024

1967 - Jill Simon Forte - “Jeffrey Orling’s (1965) memories were also a big part of my childhood. One was ‘SuperDrug‘ in the place we called ‘Across the Tracks.’ That was practically around the corner from where my family lived on Stirrup Lane. I was so excited when I became old enough to walk there by myself.”

1967 - Benjamin Ross, Mitchell Stephens, Arthur Engoron - Up Against the Wall

1968 - Eva Resnicow - Writes Richard Cohen (1965) - “What a great photo of Eva Resnicow with Art?! I remember Eva’s mother well and think about her often. The resemblance is uncanny! I’m still in touch with her brother Norman, Ron Judkoff, and Ike Evans. Still crazy after all these years.”

1969 - Jill Wattel Stockinger - “Dear Art, I had a poem published recently in a small anthology dedicated to the life of Audre Lorde (1934-1992), titled REMEMBERING AUDRE LORDE, available at

My poem:

The Oracle     by Jill Stockinger

‘Well, women with breast cancer are warriors also. I have

been to war, and still am . . .’

     —Audre Lorde, The Cancer Journals

She explained her breast had been taken

by cancer while she bared her chest

to us, a group of downcast women

huddled together in an apartment

in Harlem. Black, brown, lesbian, straight.

She had warred so many seasons;

sickness is a hard country.

She touched our chest scars and declared

us whole, no need for the sham

of prosthetics; we shined in beauty

in the sun of her gaze.

We held the metal of her words

in our hands; she named us Amazons.

We sat taller as strength flowed

into us like a river. She gave us

battle-tested swords and polished

shields; we transformed into proud

warriors, ready for battles against

many foes, and we knew we could win.”

1971 - Yearbook for Sale - Writes John Hughes (1981) - “I am selling a 1971 Wheatley Yearbook. I paid $25 for it and would gladly sell it for the same and ship it. I am from the Class of 1981 but stumbled upon it and found it interesting. It is in good condition, with only some writing on the last couple of pages. If someone is interested, they can email me at I will send it to the first person that emails me.”

1971 - Samir Touhamy - Writes Danny Reich (1971) - Samir was a very sweet, warm, bright, insightful guy. He played in the sockey games we still play the Saturday after Thanksgiving every year. Many of us in the Class of 1971 will miss him.”

1976 - Roberta Young - Deceased

1976 - Michele Finger Young - "I am sad to report that my twin sister, Roberta, passed away of Covid. She was a wonderful support to me my whole life and brought joy, laughter and love to all lucky enough to know her. She is deeply missed.

On a separate note, I have brought together an extraordinary team of doctors and leaders to accelerate the development of vaccines to end breast cancer. It would be truly love if Wheatley alumni with our shared history came together to help end breast cancer. It would be an extraordinary way of coming together years later and in such a good way:  Pink Eraser Please join me. 

'A cancer survivor asking for change': Meet USA TODAY’s Women of the Year honoree from Ohio

'A cancer survivor asking for change': Meet USA TODAY’s Women of the Yea...

After beating her stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis, Cincinnati attorney Michele Young is determined to put an end...

1983 - Claudia Reinhardt Johnson - Music Woman

Writes Claudia - “I just released a single, All Roads, and I am going to be releasing new ones every few months; and then a full album down the road.

Writes Art - “You may have to click several times in different places, and “skip ad,” but it’s worth it, as the song is beautiful and moving. Congrats, Claudia”

Fan Mail

1958 (Barbara Newman) - “Another great issue, Art. I especially loved the wonderful photograph of my 1958 classmates (and other). It brought back many great memories and much affection for my pictured classmates.”

1959 (Matt Sanzone) - “Another great Wheatley Alumni Newsletter.”

1965 (Paul Frasco) - ❤️

1967 (Jill Simon Forte) - “A fun newsletter, as always.”

1967 (Barbara Smith Stanisic) - ❤️

1971 (Larry Koenigsberg) - ❤️

1973 (Laurie Blumberg) - ❤️

1975 (Stephen DeMilta) - “Thanks for the Wheatley Newsletters.”

1979 (Laura Abrams Emert) - “Hi Art, I want you to know how much I enjoy reading the Newsletter; it is so well executed.  I can’t believe how time flies, I remember high school as though it was yesterday!”      

1981 (Robert Freier) - ❤️

1981 (John Hughes) - “I thank you and Keith for all you do. It's a pleasure to read the Newsletter.”


That’s it for The Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter # 141.  Please send me your autobiography before someone else sends me your obituary.


  Arthur Fredericks Engoron, Class of 1967