The Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter # 136

February 6, 2024

Dear Wheatley Wildcats and Other Interested Persons,

Welcome to The Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter # 136.

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Faculty Appreciation

Writes Arthur H. Brown (1967) - Scott Frishman’s (1967) remarks about Dr Wills (Issue # 135) were right on. ‘Doc,’ as we called him, was not only the choir master, he also helped me get through Wheatley. I stammered and was bullied and teased, which was no fun, but Doc helped me greatly.”

Writes Andrew Schwartz (1975) - “Les Runestad was a great guy....I remember to this day when he asked everyone in the class what their father did....I said, ‘My father has a bra manufacturing business.’ He responded, ‘Must have been a couple of good points about it’”

Writes Glenn Gerstner (1977) - “I want to add to the accolades for Les Runestad. Like many Wheatley students, I had Mr. Runestad for biology and found him an effective and humorous teacher. But one of his extra-curricular duties was to serve as the Varsity Bowling Coach. I don't even think Wheatley has a bowling team anymore. Those of us who competed in the late-1970s took it very seriously. Mr. Runstead, not so much. While he tried hard to be a good coach, Mr. Runstead didn't know the first thing about bowling (unlike his more documented skills as a track and field coach). His advice on how to throw a strike -- and I quote -- was to "hit the pin closest to you." I vividly remember him sitting at the bar at Sheridan Bowl (still there on Jericho Turnpike with a new name) with the Port Washington coach, drinking "soda" out of a plastic cup. Whether it was soda or something stronger is lost to history.

Although he didn't know much about bowling, over the years, I came to have great respect for Mr. Runestad, the bowling coach. We did not have a girl's bowling team, and one of our players was Christine Potts (1978). She lived around the corner from me in the Birchwood section of Mineola. Today, having a girl bowl on the boys' team is not a big deal; it is standard procedure when there is a boys' team but not a girls' team, regardless of the sport. Upon reflection, I think it could have been a big deal in 1976. But I don't recall me or any of my teammates thinking anything of it. She was good enough to make the starting five and good enough to help us win. The idea of not "allowing" a girl to bowl on the boy's team never really crossed our minds. And although I didn't realize it at the time, Mr. Runestad's support of Christine was probably a big part of why her being part of the team was never an issue.

I'm sorry to hear of his passing, but I was pleased to hear that he lived such a rich and fun-filled life.”

Writes Jim Caggiano (1982) - “Mr. Runestad was a great guy and a great teacher. I had him for 10th grade Biology, and he always referred to us as “Lil rowdies.” He made learning fun, that’s for sure. A great guy.”

Wheatley Athletics

Football Team Glory Days (From Matt Sanzone, Class of 1959)


Writes John “Monk” Moncure (1960) (To Matt Sanzone, 1959) - “Matt, Your Senior Year—our Junior year—as I recall, we were 6-2. I played center at 155 lbs—you were the fullback—famous for “The Wop Wham”—and, on that play, I would long snap to you—bull in the ring—etc., etc.—lots of fond memories. The coaches had me believing I could do anything.

In the fall of my Senior year I asked to speak privately with Mr. Davis. In his room I asked, ‘Mr. Davis, I’ve been thinking about colleges and football.’ He said, ‘Yes, John, that’s great.’ I then asked ‘What about Notre Dame?’ He turned his head so that I wouldn’t see the big grin on his face. Long and short, I tried to play at Kings Point—a D-3 team (to which I was recruited for wrestling) and got the crap kicked out of me, daily—until the line coach (who was also the head wrestling coach) came up to me and said, ‘John, I think your future is in wrestling. Why don’t you start going to those practices?’ In those days, they could start wrestling practice whenever there were enough kids for ‘The Room’— and thus ended my football career. I was crushed. You have probably heard that story before, but the football program from your senior year brought back many memories. Snow is falling up here in Harpswell, Maine, but we haven’t had much this year. All the best—Monk”


Wildcat Performance

Takemi Ueno, Class of 1983, will perform with the New Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra on Fri., Feb. 9, at 8 pm, at Symphony Space in Manhattan (Broadway & 95th St.). The orchestra will play Dvorak's Cello Concerto and Sibelius' First Symphony. Tickets for students and seniors are $22; tickets for Symphony Space members are $25; and regular tickets are normally $30. However, you can get tickets for $25 at the orchestra's website ( until 3 pm on the day of the concert.



1961, 1962, 1963 - Deborah Kerstein Brosowsky (1961), Louise Sobin Hersh (1962), Ellen Litwin Fingerman (1963)

Writes Deborah - Dinner with long time friends at The Breakers, Palm Beach

L-R, Louise, Ellen, Deborah, and their significant others.


1967 - Ilene Kornblath Rosenbaum - Deceased

Writes her former employer - “With very heavy hearts, we announce the passing of a cherished member of the Club & Country Family.  Ilene Rosenbaum, after almost 20  remarkable years of dedication and passion, has left an indelible mark in our heart and soul -  not only ours, but every single person that walked into Club & Country.   

Ilene was not just a colleague but a dear friend whose warmth, kindness, and laughter lit up our store and anyone with whom she came in contact.  She had a gift for making every customer feel special.  

Always a smile on her face….a warmth and joyfulness when she greeted you…..and an open honesty…..that just made her so lovable and precious. Her attitude about life was always so positive and hopeful…..even when she became ill…..she never complained….still made you laugh…..and always made people feel that they were special.  

She blessed this earth with all the right loving qualities…..and it’s heartbreaking that she’s gone…but what a legacy she leaves behind…..for everyone who was so fortunate to know her…..have their lives enhanced by her…..and to love her…..and loved by her…..Her presence will be deeply missed, but the stories we shared will continue to brighten our days, for the rest of our lives.”

Writes Scott Frishman (1967) - “On February 2, 2024, I attended Ilene Kornblath Rosenbaum’s funeral, which was a celebration of her life by her many friends and, of course, family. I kept up with Ilene for many years after graduation. We always wished each other Happy Birthdays, and we caught up with each others’ families throughout the years. She worked for many years at ‘,Club and Country,’ a women’s clothing store owned by my parents’ friend, Blanche Smith, and her daughters Susan Gold and Laura Rosenberg. I was fortunate to visit with Ilene there fairly often.

What I remember best about Ilene was her wonderful and infectious smile and warmth and happiness that just oozed from her so effortlessly. She was just such a wonderful person; I was fortunate to have known her for many years. She was beautiful inside and out.

Heartfelt condolences to her husband Peter, sons Roy and JP,  brother Richie (1969) and their respective families. Ilene’s favorite people were of course her grandchildren, who have lost such a wonderful Grandmother much too soon. I will miss her. May she Rest In Peace.”


1967 - Rosanna Every and Mitch Stephens - Down Under

Writes Mitch - “My wife (Esther) and I had occasion to stay over with classmate/exchange student Rosanna Every and her guy, Richard, at their marvelous house near the ocean in Pottsville, on the east coast of Australia. It's about two hours south of Brisbane, where we've been spending a both-finally-retired month. Rosanna and Richard live amongst incredible plants (including banana trees), birds (of many colors and songs), and animals (including their own chickens). (No dogs or cats allowed in the community, which helps with the birds and other animals.) A wonderful visit! Mitch”


1967 - Writes Jack Wolf - “I loved the photograph of my classmates Art Engoron and Richard Friedman. In your older age you are resembling each other. Both of you were the formidable duo in our ping pong league, usually one and two as I remember, with me in third always trying to beat Richard on his table, which I am convinced was rigged, as I believe it took me about 60 games to finally get a victory. And Art was always tough with his vertical paddle technique. Richard was exceptional with his curve shots.”


1969 - The Gang of Four at Peter Luger’s Brooklyn - Saturday, February 3, 2024

L-R - Mitchell Rosen, Paul Cantor, Martha Radovsky Feinstein, Rob Rosenthal. 
All Class of 1969


1969 - Donald Cohen - Published Poet

Writes Donald - “I am happy to announce the release of my newest book of poems, “Unmasking,” available on Amazon. “A reflection and revelation of how love and soul become one with each other.”  Link to Amazon

Unmasking by Donald Cohen


1970 - Julie Kramer Wagner - Deceased 

 Julie <I>Kramer</I> Wagner

Julie died on January 4, 2024, in Dover, Morris County, New Jersey. Her sister, Dale Kramer Cohen, 1973, survives her.

1976 - James Juczak - “Hi Arthur, I appreciate thinking about my Wheatley days, even though I'm from the infamous Class of 1976, which was one of the most problematic groups ever to graduate from Wheatley. Our field trip to the Theater in the Round went down in Wheatley history!”


1991 - Daniel Marc Bassen - Deceased - November 29, 1972 - January 9, 2024

Fan Mail

1960 (Renee Gershen Nadel) (1960 Aurora Editor) - “Great newsletter, as usual, Art. I was surprised and happy to see a photo of Lorraine Eisner, my backdoor neighbor!”

1961 (Jeanne Messing Sommer) - “I love reading all the issues of the Newsletter! You do an amazing job.”

1965 (Jeff Orling) - Hi Art! Happy New Year! Thanks again for the Newsletter.  I really enjoy them and wish they were longer!”

1965 (Martha Weissberg) - “As usual, I am grateful for these newsletters; I have enjoyed each and every edition. Thank you.”

 1967 (Arthur Brown) -  “The latest Newsletter was great, as usual. Art, keep up the good work.”

1975 (Scott Frishman) - “Art, The Newsletters are such fun to read. I always can’t wait for the next one.”

1967 (Jill Simon Forte) - I love all the photographs of people I know and remember. Thanks for all your hard work, as usual.”

1976 (James Juczak) - “Thank you for the Newsletter.”

1977 (Glenn Gerstner) - “Keep up the good work.”

1977 (Andrea Gould Schwarz) - “You write a great Newsletter. Thank you.”

1979 (Amy Gould) - “Thanks, Art. Happy New Year. Great running into you last month.”

1982 (Jim Caggiano) - “Nice thing you’re doing here with this Newsletter. Appreciate that. Thanks for keeping this thing alive.”



That’s it for The Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter # 136.  Please send me your autobiography before someone else sends me your obituary.


  Arthur Fredericks Engoron, Class of 1967