Art Engoron

January 1, 2024

Dear Wheatley Wildcats and Other Interested Persons,

Welcome to The Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter # 133.

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We welcome any and all text and photos relevant to The Wheatley School, 11 Bacon Road, Old Westbury, NY 11568, and the people who administered, taught, worked, and/or studied there. Art Engoron, Class of 1967

District and ‘Hood History

Writes Rhoda Kalkin Schneider (1961) - “Jeffrey Orling (1965), it isn't just your memory about the “S” Section; most of the homes are now little McMansions.  My class had a three-day 50th-year high school reunion in 2011, and we had lunch in Wheatley's cafeteria.  Afterwards a number of us went to our old neighborhoods.  I lived at 34 Pasture Lane.  I wish I had a before photo but here is a photo of the outside today.  I rang the bell and the occupants were kind enough to let me in and see the changes they made. The owner told me when they had the home remodeled the few original owners still living in the neighborhood thanked him profusely for not making drastic changes and for trying to keep the integrity and the looks of the country club updated and yet similar to the original facade.  Jeff, it isn't your memory!!! 

Writes William Ray (1975) - “Art, I greatly enjoyed Fran Levy's (1963) message - simple, straightforward, and poignant - and incredibly relevant for today. The combination of intolerance, ignorance, and arrogance permeating society at all levels is becoming more destructive by the day. 

While we had/have a broad spectrum of family means within the East Williston School District, one has to recognize that all segments are well above the norm. Logically, this was not always the case. We are 'all' children of immigrants, and our ancestors in all likelihood were at one time some version of the 'parasites' of their day.

Let’s respect the effort and dedication being demonstrated by those echoing the actions of our forebears. Kudos to Fran for her commitment. Best, Bill”

Faculty Appreciation

Writes Gene Razzetti (1961) - "Art, the homeroom teacher (below) was Mr. Woodrow Zaros. In 1961, he taught a new Physics course developed by the ‘Physical Science Study Committee’ (whatever that was). With Mr. Lineweaver teaching about DNA only two doors down, Wheatley was out in front again.

My understanding is that Mr. Zaros, a Korean War Vet, left Wheatley shortly thereafter to earn a Ph.D. He was another bright, young, and interesting, member of the Science Department and we were lucky to have him. Best to all, Gene."

Writes Howard M. Grindlinger (1962) - “The Class of 1961 photo shows MR. ZAROS, the Science teacher. Sometimes he was nice. Sometimes not. While the remainder of the Class of 1962 dwindles, I'm still here! Howard M. Grindlinger MD”


1958 - Jeffrey Fischman and Barbara Newman

Writes Jeff - “To Barbara Newman, Class of 58: Congratulations on your athletic prowess. At 83 (or so) how can you possibly manage to play table tennis?

I once won the club championship for the time trials at the New York Century Road Racing Bicycle Races --- but I have to admit that I was the only entry in the over 60 group. I'd have to play table tennis from a wheelchair to avoid falling over trying to serve.”

1961 - Tim Jerome - Fun Turning 80

Tim turned 80 in high spirits at Francey Brady’s Pub, 72 Main Street, Yonkers, NY on December 29, 2023, surrounding by the usual suspects, including his brother, Kyle (1971); his classmate, Judith Schaffel Rubin; and many friends from Tim’s exciting adventures in the topsy-turvy world of musical theater.

Four Wheatley Graduates - L-R - Art (1967), Tim (1961), Judy (1961), and Kyle (1971)

Happy Birthday!

“If I were a rich man.”

1965 - Jeff Orling - Having a lobster and corn in Newport some time ago on his boat.

1967 - Scott Frishman - “Hey Art, I forgot that classmate Howard Kirchick and his brothers Calvin (1964) and Bill (1969) went to Michigan. I went to Cincinnati with classmate Ginny Bindman and Suzie Cohen (1966). I think that Jane Pullman (1966) went there as well.

I met my wife Linda there and married her in 1971. My older son, Michael, met his wife, Julie, at Michigan and married her in 2004. My younger son Daniel went to Indiana and married his wife Faran in 2017. They live in Manhattan and gave us our two granddaughters, Shaye (4 years old) and Sofia (16 months old).

Here’s one last picture of my Michigan grandson, Sam (10 years old) at the PGA National, where he was in a golf tournament .

Now you have pictures of all our grandchildren.

And this is Linda and I this summer at Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies. 

Now you have something recent about my life before someone else sends you my obituary…..LOL.”

1968 - John Mok - “Hi Art, Great picture of you with Amy Pastarnack Hughes (1967).  She and my sister, Rose (1967), were the best of friends, and Amy visited us often in the back of my father's Chinese Laundry.  Amy is a wonderful person that I will go out of my way to do anything for. Jen and I were just in town to enjoy the holiday season with my sisters and eldest son. We were also very happy to link up with Larry Weiss (1967) and Wendy Aibel Weiss (1968).  Cheers, John”

1969 - Robin Brinn - About Amy

Writes Robin - “The Christmas photo of Art Engoron and Amy Pastarnack (both 1967) with her family is wonderful! Amy is a very special person in my life. I was a very smart student at Wheatley but a total klutz in gym. During the gymnastics term, we had to perform feats of coordination on the horse, balance beam, etc., and needless to say, I was hopeless. If Amy hadn’t been my ‘grader’ in these exercises, I surely would have failed the class. A big shout-out to Amy, who made sure I graduated from Wheatley by not failing gym and then later became my Big Sister in college when we were in the same sorority at Cornell❤️❤️❤️.”

1972 - Linda Kaufman Schroeder - Reply to Jeffrey Orling (1965)

Writes Linda - “Hi Jeffrey. I read your comments in the recent Wheatley newsletter about Shelter Lane. I lived there from 1964 till I went away to SUNY Oneonta in 1972. I started at The Willets Road School and then started-and-finished at Wheatley. After they graduated from Wheatley, my younger twin sisters, Cindy and Barbara Kaufman (1982), went to Cornell. My parents, Gita and Milton Kaufman, lived at 53 Shelter Lane for almost 50 years (and later in life lived 1/2 the season in Boynton Beach) till my dad’s passing in 2012. Names that come to mind from the “S” Section are:  Jacqueline Obrant (1972), Lisa Levens (Newton, MA), Bonnie Greenberg (1973), Jeannie Walsh (1972), Fay (????), Allen Srinivasan (1972), Judy Oppenheim (1972), Gary Bernstein (1971), Jeff Rhodes (1972), Stuart Schoenfeld (1972), Glenn Monk (1972), Lisa Perlmutter (1972), Marsha Simon (1972), Robin Freier (1972), Susie Spielberger (1972), Liz Diamond (1972), Margaret Newmark (1972). Wow, I’m impressed with my memory 👏💥👍🏽

1974 - David Caine - Fishing for Fluke or Flounder

Writes David - In the most recent edition of the Newsletter SuZanne Zenker Gilbride mentioned about her family fishing vacations, which brings back time-honored memories of when my Grandfather would charter a boat for all of us to go fishing for the day.  I don’t remember the location of the docks, but there were due east on Long Island. Including my cousins on my Dad's side of the family, there were 13 of us relaxing and enjoying the day. I recall that my sister, Elizabeth, and I caught a bunch of blowfish, as they were hungry for the worms dangling from our hooks as soon as we released the line into the water.  Elizabeth also caught some fluke or flounder, which made for a tasty dinner.  

Accidentally, my Dad snared a very feisty baby bluefin shark with his line, which the talented fishermen who ran the charter released back in the water without incurring any injuries (to the fish or the men).  At the end of the day, I vividly recall those fishermen filleting our catches with ease on the dock.  Their technique was smooth, while the neighboring seagulls perched on the dock patiently awaited any scraps tossed into the ocean to be their dinner.  These coastal birds were not particular on how their entrees were going to be cooked (sauteed, broiled, etc……LOL).”

1976 - Paul Giarmo - College Football and High School Friends

Writes Paul - “Looking at that scoreboard after ‘The Game’ (Michigan v. Ohio State), I have only four words for my fellow Wildcats, Scott Frishman (1967) and William Kirchick (1969): ‘Go Scarlet and Gray.’ I know, I know, they wear Michigan Blue and Maize, but around here we wear Buckeye Red and Gray…..LOL.

On a serious note, I want to extend my sympathies to the Cafaro family, who recently lost Susan (1974). The Giarmo and Cafaro families were my next-door neighbors on Valentine Drive in Albertson, and Susan and my brother Tommy were classmates Sorry for your loss, Pat (1973) and Jane (1977).” 

1988 - David Mahaffey - I know some of my classmates read the newsletter, and I encourage them to submit their info!  As for me: after living in Manhattan and NJ, my wife, Lisa, and I returned to Long Island.  We live in Oceanside. Getting used to the South Shore took some time.  Growing up, I thought anything below Sunrise Highway was the ‘Deep South.’  😁

We have a daughter in college (U of Georgia) and a son who’s a HS senior and deciding where he’s going next year.

I’ve been at AIG for 22 years and currently run the North American law firm panels for various types of products, including cyber, D&O, and employment.”

2010 - Alex Estis - Engaged!


Fan Mail

???? (Debby ????) - “Thank you, Art, for another wonderful Newsletter. The joyful Christmas Eve pictures of you, Amy Pastarnack (1967), and her family made me happy. Fran Levy (1963), your remembrances of your summer in Puerto Rico and its impact on your life were powerful! Barbara Newman, you look fabulous and have inspired me to dust off my ping pong table and start playing. Happy New Year, all.”

1958 (Barbara Newman) - “Art, thanks again for preserving our newsletter.”

1960 (Judith Weiss) - ❤️

1963 (Mark Friedman) - ❤️

1964 (Gene Grindlinger) - ❤️

1964 (Richard Ilsley) - ❤️

1965 (Clifford Montgomery) - “Another nice job, Art & Keith. Thank you. Cliff”

1965 (Jeffrey Orling) - “Art, I love the Wheatley Newsletters and look forward to reading them.  My only regret is I have nothing to add.  Thank you very much.”

1966 (Susan Cohen Fuersich) - ❤️

1967 (Lois Ertel Hara Burdge) - ❤️

1967 (Lee Fein) - “Thanks for the great Newsletters.”

1967 (Scott Frishman) - “I am glad that so many of us voice to you how important you have been to us by publishing the Newsletters and keeping us up to date on each other’s lives. 😊

1967 (Lauren Jacoby) - “Arthur you’re a mensch for doing these newsletters. So much gratitude to you!”

1968 (Lois Hegyi Goldstein) - ❤️

1969 (Richard Frankfort) - ❤️

1969 (Gerry Gersh) - “Hey Art, another great newsletter!”

1970 (Maria Giordano Gittleman) - ❤️

1972 (Joel Harris) - “It seems like there is more participation in the Newsletters, which always makes it more interesting.”

1974 (Ellen Barnett Diana) - ❤️

1974 (David Caine) - “Thank you for continuing to publish the amazing Newsletter.  First class to you and everyone who contributes with interesting stories.”

1974 (James Elefonte) - ❤️

1976 (James Juczak) - ❤️

1976 (Leigh Tessler) - ❤️

1977 (Peter Fitzpatrick) - ❤️


That’s it for The Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter # 133.  Please send me your autobiography before someone else sends me your obituary.


  Arthur Fredericks Engoron, Class of 1967